Letter from school director


Hope this letter finds you well during this terrible time. As you already know Covid-19 has our country on quarantine and on a nationwide lockdown, however, there are a few essential positions that are filled by the brave medical professionals that refuse to bow down to this terrible virus and the pandemic. At the current moment every Hospital in the country is overrun and in terrible need for Doctors, Nurses, Surgical Technicians and Most Importantly “Central Sterile Technicians”. As you might already know Central Sterile Technician plays a very important role in Infection prevention in ALL Medical Facilities and is key to keeping patients that require surgery safe from infection. 

Currently, this position is in very high demand and not just because of the coronavirus, this position is one of the fastest-growing technical careers in the medical field for the last few years (Right after Doctors and Nurses). 

When this quarantine is all over, many industries will change, they have to, they do not have a choice. We at Multyprep believe that the ever so important field of medicine will be even more relevant and even more important now than ever, billions of lives depend on it.

Gelya Kotlya