Sterile Processing Technicians Save Lives

Although hospitals and other medical institutions are heavily associated with nurses and doctors, several other health professionals, such as sterile processing technicians, are critical for delivering quality healthcare to patients in a safe, efficient manner. Although sterile processing techs don’t have the most publicized jobs, the responsibilities they undertake within the medical system save lives by reducing […]

Career Oriented Job Without a College Degree!

Career Oriented Job Without a College Degree! In the field of medical services, cleanliness and sterility are not just the keys to success – in most cases it is a matter of the patient’s life and death. Doctors understood this long before the pandemic. We all appreciate the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily […]

The Truth about Antibacterial Soap

By Kendall Stacey (RN & Board Certified Infection Prevention Specialist) Recent research on antibacterial soap shows that triclosan, usually the main ingredient in antibacterial soap, is a carcinogenic – a cancer-causing agent. According to the Food and Drug Administration, there isn’t enough research showing a benefit to antibacterial soap and long-term use shows a negative […]

Letter from school director

DEAR STUDENTS, Hope this letter finds you well during this terrible time. As you already know Covid-19 has our country on quarantine and on a nationwide lockdown, however, there are a few essential positions that are filled by the brave medical professionals that refuse to bow down to this terrible virus and the pandemic. At […]