Since 2016 Multyprep Inc. has been the Premier choice for students looking to enter this highly competitive field. We provide a fully integrated learning system that includes Online, Audio and Video courses.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide all necessary assistance from enrolment to Interview prep to getting your certificate and ultimately a job and more importantly a Career in this highly competitive and lucrative field. When you become a hospital professional and acquire the necessary experience you will qualify for other Certifications and Career Advancement!!!

From the first class to your successful employment Multyprep Inc. is your partner of choice.   

Most medical procedures require the use of supplies, instruments, and/or equipment. Some items are used once and then discarded, while others are reused multiple times. Reusable items must be thoroughly cleaned, inspected, disinfected, and/ or sterilized before they can be used.

The extensive, 120-hour course explains in detail the complete duties of a sterile processing technician, aseptic procedures, sterilization, proper decontamination, packaging techniques, existing laws, and regulations.
After graduation students receive a certificate of completion and application for the Central Service certification exam.

Success stories

The history of Sterile Processing

12 March 2024

Medicine has truly come a long way throughout history, with surgery leading the way.. Surgery was explored well before recorded history, with early surgeons learning and documenting the basic concepts of the…

Success story of Holly

24 October 2023

Meet Holly, who completed the preparatory class at Multyprep and received assistance with the job placement. Currently, she is thriving as a sterile technician at a hospital, achieving great success in her…

Success story of Ester

23 October 2023

Introducing Ester, a proud Multyprep’s graduate who recently achieved her Certified Sterile Technician status! The best part? Ester broke away from the traditional path, proving that medical college degrees or credits were…