Jason’s Path to Success: from security guard to sterile technician

Jason ( on a left)  is 41 years old and has been working as a security guard for almost 20 years. He didn’t have any other career opportunities and no future.

But Jason didn’t want to continue this way, he was looking hard to find his place in life. Who asks, it will be given!

One day, while searching online, he saw an ad about a job in the medical field that didn’t require special diplomas. The ad looked very promising.

The position was called “Sterile Process Technician” and it offered a job to sterilize medical tools. But in order to get this job, everyone had to get a professional certificate. Further, Google searches helped Jason to collect information and certificate requirements and after a few more phone calls, he narrowed his choices down to a company called Multyprep, Inc. based in Brooklyn, NY.

As he later admitted, during the first week of classes, he still wasn’t sure if he made the right decision. But seeing a number of opportunities this new profession offered made the doubts disappear. As the class progressed, his confidence grew, and he put all his effort to study.

Jason finished a 2-months course in December 2018 and passed CRCST (Certified Registered Central Sterile Technician) test just a week later. Passing the test created opportunities to get an international certificate, which allowed him to work all throughout the US and in many other countries!

Just one week after passing the CRCST test Jason found his first job in one of the major hospitals in New York City. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, but nobody can stop a man who clearly sees his goal.

After 7 months, Jason received a raise, then a few months later moved to another hospital with a salary increase.

On February 25, 2020, Jason called Multyprep, Inc. with the great news that he is now the Shift Supervisor!
What are you waiting for? Did you know? The average starting salary for Sterile Technician in New York is $22 to $25 an hour!
After only 1.5 -2 years of experience as a Sterile Technician, you can choose to apply for the position
as a TEAM LEADER with an average salary of over $70 an hour!


How much does a Registered Central Sterile
Does processing technician make?

Average base salary

$22.00 – $26.00/hour (Average Annual Salary-$53,600)


Included Benefits:

Medical Insurance
Vision and Dental Insurance
401 (K) Plan
Sick Days
2+ Weeks Vacation
Disability Insurance
Paid Time Off
Great Opportunities for Growth
Average Supervisor’s Salary is $62,000; Average Manager’s Salary is $76,000