Career Oriented Job Without a College Degree!

Career Oriented Job Without a College Degree!

In the field of medical services, cleanliness and sterility are not just the keys to success – in most cases it is a matter of the patient’s life and death. Doctors understood this long before the pandemic.

We all appreciate the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily life.

But we have never washed or disinfected our hands as often as of now.

More and more hospitals place medical instrument sterilization in the hands of separately certified sterilization technicians, and all states support this initiative.

5 states – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Tennessee require mandatory certification to sterilize instruments. Other states are in the process of implementing similar legislation.

Medical instrument sterilization technicians or Sterile Processing Technician are now in so short supply, some states offering up to $7.5 thousand relocation money and even inviting certified professionals to work as “traveling medics”.

Due to a shortage of medical professionals in the United States, a travel nursing movement has developed. They move from state to state, working for several months at different hospitals where they are needed most. Starting with nurses, the movement has expanded to other health professionals including sterilization technicians. If someone have a thirst for adventure, and don’t really keep anything at home, then this option is perfect for them – work with good pay, career prospects (we will discuss this in detail below) and the opportunity to see new places.

What are the responsibilities of a Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile Processing Technician is responsible for the daily sterilization of medical instruments after surgeries and procedures and for medical supplies for reuse. Position is vital to the safety of patients and medical personnel and requires strict adherence to sterilization processes. The rules for the correct handling of instruments can only be learned in a special course, so it is imperative that certified specialists do this, and not just nurses when they have free time.

Where can Sterile Processing Technician work?

Sterile Processing Technicians are needed in almost all medical institutions – hospitals, surgical dental and testing centers, outpatient clinics, etc…                                                                                                               Job is suitable even for those who are afraid of hospitals, blood, etc. The fact is that Sterile Processing Technician works in special sterilization departments, where they do not contact any patients, do not perform surgeries or procedures, therefore, no extreme situations or frightening pictures are involved in sterilization process.

What is the salary of a Sterile Processing Technician in the USA?

The starting salary varies from state to state. For example, in New York, the average starting salary is $ 23-26 an hour. And on average in the US, you can earn up to $60 thousand per year.

Are there any bonuses or other benefits besides the salary?

Most healthcare providers offer the following additional benefits when hiring medical instrument sterilization specialists:

  • medical insurance;
  • dental insurance;
  • ophthalmic insurance;
  • paid vacation and weekends on holidays;
  • paid sick leave;
  • maternity leave.


Yes! This is a career-oriented job. After 2-3 years of work, you can become a team leader and receive up to $80,000 per year or a shift supervisor with a salary of up to $95,000 per year. And those with a management education can eventually take the position of deputy director of the sterilization department and earn up to $130,000 a year.

How to Become a Sterile Processing Technician in USA?

Since 2016 Multyprep, Inc.  is offering an Exam preparation course for the Sterile Processing Technician certification exam.                                                                                                                                                                          Anyone can take the course with just a high school diploma/GED; after a few weeks of online preparation and passing the international certification exam,  and start working in hospitals or surgical centers.

Multyprep,Inc. offers a 120-hour course that guides students through all stages of the sterilization process of medical instruments and all possible topics on the exams.                                         Certified instructor answers all questions

Sterile Processing Technician’s Course at Multyprep, Inc. lasts 6 or 9 weeks. If you can study only on Saturdays and Sundays, then the training will last 9 weeks.                                                                       But if you can allocate time for study on weekdays (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), then you can complete the course in 6 weeks. Each student receives all study materials and access to a huge number of additional resources, including over 1000 custom-created questions for practice before the test.                                                                                                                                                          In addition, after students passes an exam, the company writes a professional resume, prepares for interviews and provides real assistants with employment.