Testimonial from our student Jermaine J

We asked some questions regarding our preparation course for the Sterile Technician (CRCST). Please see what he said:

My name is Jermaine J. and I have nothing but High Praises for the CRCST Course. I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who truly applies themselves and dedicates the time to study and acquire the necessary Certifications that are vital will have a successful career as a Central Sterilization Technician.   The Course Coordinator along with the instructor’s expertise and professionalism made it quite possible to learn and apply what we have learned into embarking on a fulfilling career.

Q. Why did you decide to attend the CRCST preparation course?
I wanted to have a career that will give me the ability to constantly grow and at the same time become a part of something that is life-changing and looking at the CRCST I realized that it provided just that.

Q. Did the quality of our program meet your expectations?
The quality of the program more than met my expectations in that I learned things that I didn`t know before, for example, I learned how Viruses and Bacteria operate and how to eliminate them properly. I also know the difference between clean and sterile. I truly can
say that I finished the course much more educated than I was before.

Q. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our course? Please explain.
I definitely give the CRCST course a perfect 10 and my reasons are as follows, it a very informative, and I was able to learn a whole lot. It pushes me to study and do my best because in our field that is what is required on a daily basis. It also puts me on the path of
becoming a great contributor in the medical field and that a great benefit knowing that I am able to assist in the surgical procedure of others by properly and thoroughly sterilizing the equipment that is needed for every individual procedure.

Q. Describe three benefits you experienced by attending this course.
I am able to be a Certified CRCST and that means being able to work in the Hospital Central Sterilization Department cleaning and sterilizing the surgical equipment and getting them ready for the next procedure, that within itself means a whole lot knowing that I am a part of a very crucial process. I learn how to deal with things that are contaminated and how to use the proper process and procedure that will not only keep me safe but also others. I learned the names of the many different surgical types of equipment, what they are used for and how to properly clean them and sterilize them thoroughly.

Q. Would you recommend this course to friends or family?
I would most definitely recommend the CRCST to my family and friends because they can benefit from it as a great fulfilling and long-lasting career that will change their lives and others.

Q. Any advice for future students?
My advice for future students is to apply and dedicate yourself to passing the CRCST course. Don`t be afraid to ask questions. Passing the Exam is the only way you can be certified and begin your new career as a Central Sterilization Technician, there is no other way around it. Also, pay attention in class and participate.