Story of Yuri: Overcoming Language Barriers to Excel as a Sterile Technician

The good news is that immigrants can also take advantage of this jump in the popularity of the sterile technician profession in the market.

It does not require prior experience in medicine or medical education. You can come to the courses with a school certificate and in a couple of months pass the certificate test and earn $ 22-25 per hour from the start with the prospect of growing up to a supervisor in a few years and getting up to $ 80 thousand per year.

Then you can develop to the manager of the sterilization department of the hospital, whose salary already exceeds $ 100 thousand per year.

There will be no problems with finding a job either, because the instruments need to be sterilized in every hospital or individual medical office. For example, now on the site Glassdoor more than 10 thousand vacancies are open for specialists in the sterilization of medical instruments in the USA.

As the students proved Multyprep school, even a weak English is not an obstacle to the coveted certificate of a specialist in sterilizing medical instruments, if you have the motivation and willingness to work.

When Yuri (He is shown in the title photo. – Ed.) signed up for our Sterile Processing Technician coursewe worriedI hope that he may not be able to cope with this task. His English was not very good, and he was already over 50. But Yura confirmed that nothing can stand in the way of a person who knows what he wants and knows how to achieve his goal. His perseverance and dedication to training paid off and he passed the certification exam on the first try. Today, just a year after signing up for the course, Yura works in one of the largest hospitals in Manhattan.”, – said with pride in her eyes the owner of the Multyprep school Gela Kotlyar.