Start a new career in healthcare today!
Become a Sterile Technician with a starting salary $1200+ per week just under 12 weeks!

• Job in High Demand
• Full benefits and bonuses
• No college degree required


Benefits of being a Sterile Technician:

The opportunity to earn a certificate in just 12 weeks
No direct interaction with patients
Thousands of job openings across all 50 states
Career growth potential up to $100,000+ per year

You will receive:

  • 140 hours of class time (Using Zoom)
  • HSPA v.9 CRCST Handbook, Workbook and Audio Book
  • Over 1000 custom test questions & PowerPoint Presentation for self-study
  • Assistance with the Exam Application Process

The next 12-week classes start:
September 7, 2024. Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
September 10, 2024. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

What is a "Sterile Technician" profession in the US medical field that only requires 3 months of training?

Sterile Technician is a professional who ensures the sterility of medical equipment, instruments, and materials in healthcare facilities.

It’s a sought-after and promising profession that doesn’t involve direct patient interaction.

You don’t need to have a college degree or undergo lengthy training.

At Multyprep, we’re not just a course provider – we are your dedicated partners on the journey to a fulfilling and rewarding career!

Other benefits of the Sterile Technician profession include:

High demand for specialists in this field.
Job opportunity in any state
Excellent career growth opportunities
Full benifits

“Multyprep has paved the way to the future for me and thousands of others. Today, I proudly hold the title of instructor in this school, helping others embark on an exciting journey to a new career, just as I was once helped.”


Testimonials from our graduates


“I completed the course in May 2022 and started working at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island in August of the same year. Multyprep assisted with resumes, interviews, and everything else I needed. The job is amazing, though challenging at times. I encourage you to consider Multyprep for your training needs”.

“I used to be a security guard with limited career options. But after completing a course with #Multyprep and passing my CRCST test, I landed a job at one of NYC’s largest hospitals. Within a year, I was promoted to supervisor, and now I’m celebrating my 4-year anniversary as a manager!”

“I recently achieved my Certified Sterile Technician status! What’s even better is that I broke away from the traditional path, proving that medical college degrees or credits weren’t necessary. My journey began with Multyprep’s immersive 12-Week Sterile Technician Class, and now I’m thriving in this exciting profession”.

Course format

By enrolling in our program, you’ll not only become skilled as a ‘Sterile Technician‘, a highly sought-after profession in hospitals, but you’ll also receive valuable assistance in securing employment afterward.”


Classes are held in an interactive online format through Zoom for a duration of 12 weeks, on Saturdays and Sundays.


All instructors are certified HSPA/IAHCSMM Sterile Processing Technicians who present the material in the most accessible way possible.


140 hours of the course, students learn the full responsibilities of a Sterile Processing Technician, aseptic procedures, sterilization, proper decontamination, packaging methods, and current laws and regulations.


The classes are structured with a fully integrated system of intensive learning (online, audio and video courses, homework assignments, take-home tests, in-class discussions, and hands-on training).


Upon completion of the training, students receive a certificate of completion and an application to take the Central Service certification exam. Additionally, they receive assistance in interview preparation and job placement.


What results do our students achieve:

Our students successfully pass the HSPA/IAHCSMM certification exam on their first attempt.

Our students typically secure employment  in average within 3 months after completing the course.

Starting salary of $1200-$1500 per week, rapid career advancement, and promotion to managerial positions.

Gaining positions that offer consistent work hours, reliable paychecks, and comprehensive benefits packages. This includes benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and opportunities for career advancement within the healthcare industry.

Get a job in the US medical field in just 12 weeks! Reserve your spot right now and pay later!

The basic cost of training is just $1499. It’s an incredibly profitable investment in your future because you’ll practically recoup the entire course fee within the first week of working as a Sterile Technician!

But wait, there’s more. Only for visitors to our website, we offer the option to split the payment into two equal installments. Pay just $750 upfront, and the second part after the start of classes.

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Multyprep Inc. will be with you from your first class until the moment of your successful employment.

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